Social rehabilitation

social rehab

Social rehabilitation

What do you think what treasure does the Kyiv drug addiction clinic “Ukrainian center of addiction treatment”  has?  It teaches people to live a new life. Just imagine: one day a man lost himself in a dark forest. He had to survive, get used to local conditions, learn the new game’s  rules, day by day  forgetting he is a human. 

But one day he comes to an ordinary life. And he figures out he has already forgot the rules of living in a society. How to communicate, to negotiate, to start a dialogue, to ask a question, to defeat fear? The former addict will be taught all this things at the stage of socialization. Our doctors will provide a high quality support with a full set of diagnostic, therapeutic and advisory elements. While the patient is getting accustomed to a new environment he is carefully examined. Till the socialization stage doctors already know who the patient is:

  • traits;
  • temperament;
  • orientation of spiritual search;
  • creative predisposition.

Such a deep person’s analysis lets to socialize the former addicts on a high level and to make the long-run results.

Rehabilitation program of after drug addiction treatment

Patients of the Ukrainian Addiction Treatment Center are not abandoned after the release. For them, post-rehabilitation programs are developed in advance. This includes the aspects of help with employment, and professional reorientation, and advanced training in existing specialties.

Outside the walls of the clinic, after treatment, a former drug addict turns into an ordinary, completely normal person. He is ready to start a family, start mastering a profession and even build a career, open a private business. Many, by the way, begin active educational activities in the mainstream of anti-drug propaganda, and show impressive success in this.


Calculating the cost of treatment