Drug addiction

Summary:Украинский Центр Лечения Зависимости

  1. How the drug addiction occurs
  2. With drugs, the whole life is wasted
  3. The Ukrainian Addiction Institute program and its features
  4. Stages of addiction treatment
  5. Three reasons why choose the Ukrainian Addiction Treatment Center

Not all of the anti-drug programs used have been successfully tested in real conditions. But among them there are those that have proven their effectiveness by numerous facts. This is exactly what the Ukrainian Addiction Treatment Center offers.

The drug addiction treatment carried out here can be safely called the transition point from the abyss to a full life.

How the drug addiction occurs

some img 2 1Everyone understands: they become drug addicts, not born. Moreover, they do not become immediately, but after some time after the drug entered the body and became part of the metabolism. Now a lot of drugs are being developed that have a colossal force of influence on a young organism (mainly young people become drug addicts).

Addiction occurs after the second, third dose, less often - immediately after the first.

Aggravating factors of addiction are:

  • an unfavorable environment at home (a teenager seeks to escape reality into a world of dreams);
  • stimulating environment (peers scoff at the weakness of their comrade, encourage him, provoke more and more new uses);
  • individual predisposition to chemical influences (special craving for a state of "high");
  • unwillingness to undergo drug addiction treatment due to shyness and fear of publicity (the family understands that their relative is in trouble, but relatives cannot provide specific help, and the addiction grows like a snowball).

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With drugs, the whole life is wasted

Once addicted to drugs, a person quickly degrades:

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  • he loses interest towards the world around;
  • connections with friends get weak, the social circle changes to the same degrading drug addicts and dealers supplying them;
  • individual predisposition to chemical influences (special craving for a state of "high");
  • the meaning of existence is limited to the task "where to get the next dose at any cost"
  • from the previous paragraph follows immersion in the criminal world - the addict is ready to steal, rob and even commit violent actions in order to get a "saving" dose of the drug.

In such a state, the person does not even consider drug treatment as an option. The circle of interests is to take a dose, to go into unreality. Addiction develops on the rise, and one day the dose becomes fatal (the body cannot withstand abstinence).

The Ukrainian Addiction Institute program and its features

This clinic increases its authority every year. People have already begun to understand that the technique being implemented here is truly effective. The entire internal organization of the process deserves respect:

  • balanced diet;
  • persistent support from drug narcologists rehabilitation doctors and psychotherapists;
  • competent staff, well aware of the specifics of drug addicted patients.
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Stages of addiction treatment

Throughout the entire treatment in the "Ukrainian Addiction Treatment Center", the addict goes through several stages. One is followed by the other. Each next reinforces the result of the previous one. This is the key reason that the technique used has a high remission rate.

Here is how addicts are treated:

  • initially - diagnostics, and as detailed as possible; withdrawal cancellation;
  • detoxification (the body is purified for a long time with the help of droppers and medicines);
  • psychological rehabilitation;
  • socialization.
Recreation process

If ones ok at& nbsp; drug addiction treatment & nbsp; like a reverse movie, it turns out that a person returns to an old life up the stairs in the same order in which he rolled down. According to experts, such a scheme is organic, because the body retains its "memory of events", and it is relatively easy for it to go through the already known path, as it were, in the opposite direction.

All patients are under control. The approach is individual (after all, everyone has their own history of trouble, their own nuances of the psyche and mentality). And one more important point: the treatment is carried out on an anonymous basis.

Social rehabilitation

A very essential part of the treatment program of the Ukrainian Addiction Institute is assistance in social adaptation. Why it is important:

  • during a drug intoxication, a person fell out of reality;
  • it is not so easy to get back to the normal life, the risk not to resist the temptation and start using drugs is too great;
  • a cured addict is still too frail to feel confident in society without the help of specialists.

The final, to which comes & nbsp; drug addiction treatment & nbsp; under the auspices of the "Ukrainian Institute of Addiction", is the final rehabilitation. Behind were the stay in the clinic, months of doubts and hopes, painful cleansing of the body and restoration of personality.

Now the most important thing is to be able to find your place under the sun. But not as a drug addict, but as a full-fledged member of society. The specialists of the rehabilitation center support their graduates, help them with the following:

  • find a decent job, get a source of income;
    create a new family (or restore the old one);
  • do business;
  • unleash the creativity.

Three reasons why choose the Ukrainian Addiction Treatment Center

The center has advantages:

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  • firstly, it provides anonymous drug addiction treatment without the requirement to provide information about the patient, his family, and the like;
  • secondly, an individual approach is practiced and the program is implemented to the end (turnkey, that is, from the beginning to the successful final);
  • thirdly, counseling support is always available, and codependent people (family members) receive effective advice on how to behave when communicating with the patient.

In our center they are doing real, useful work. It is possible to overcome drug addiction in the country only by effective methods. The Ukrainian Addiction Institute program has proven its effectiveness. And also doctors from many foreign countries give a positive feedbak about it.

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Calculating the cost of treatment